Virtual or Reality Part 8

“Brain I need to run.” I said as I nudge him.

“That’s cool. Let me know how it goes with the witch.” He says as his computer beeps.


I punch the numbers in to call Velvet. “Hello is Velvet there?” I asked after hearing that it was not Kim. “Velvet. Hi. This is Keith.”

“Yes I was wondering when you was going to call.” Velvet said with the tone of satisfaction. “Your not trying to back out on our date are you?”

“Well that is sort of why I called.”

“You said you would go out with me.”

“Well the reason I called was to find out what it was that I agreed to do. I did not hear a thing you said after you said Kim was going home for the weekend to get away from me.”

“So I could have asked you to do anything.”

“Yes you could have. But Brain told me you told him we where going out this Saturday. So I had some clue but I needed to hear it from you.”

“ So are you going to back out?”

“Why do you want to go out with me?”

“Its not you I want. I want Brain.”

“So ask him.”

“I have. He will have nothing to do with me. So I am thinking if I can get you to agree to go out with me with out knowing it then maybe I could get you to talk Brain in to taken your place.”

“I would not bet on it.”

“Then how about getting him to just come along as a friend.”

“And then what?”

“Well then you just vanish.”

“Brain is my friend and I know how much he dislikes you and I would never do that to him.”

“All I am asking is you get him there and I will do the rest.”

“I’ll try. But please don’t go telling everyone where going out.”

“Why am I that ugly?”

“No. Its just if Kim finds out then I will never have a chance to get her back.”

“You need to move on man.”


“See you at 6.” And she hung up.


It was Saturday and I still had not found away to ask Brain to come along on the date with Velvet. So I thought lets make breakfast and ask him then. I had eggs, bacon, French toast, and OJ.

Brain walked in to the room looked at the breakfast and asked “What do you want?”

With my best shocked look on my face I said “Brain cant I do something for my best friend in the world. Have a seat and eat before it gets cold.”

Sitting down he says, “Now just because I am eating I am not agreeing to anything.”

“No problem. I was just in the mood to cook and well I was hoping you could help me out today.”

Dropping the fork “I know you was up to something what do you want?”

“I just need a favor ok. Can you help me out?”

As he starts eating again, “What is it? You need help moving something?”

“No I would like you to go out with me tonight.”

“Keith I don’t swing that way. And don’t you have a date with Velvet anyway?”

“Ya. I want you to join us.”

“And be seen in public with her.” Dropping the fork, “You could not cook enough food to talk me in to that.”

“Oh come on Brain. Its one night and I promises that no mater how much Velvet pays me to just walk away and leave you too alone I will stay.”

“What are talking about?”

“Well when I called her she said that if I could get you to take my place she would be happy. I told her no way. She then said well then get you to come along and then slip away. I told he no way.”

“That’s good. If you did that I would have to kill you.”

“Look man. I would never do that to you. I just need to have you along. I don’t want people thinking that we are dating. So will you help me out?”

“Ok but you have to pay. Thanks for breakfast. You know all you had to do was ask.”

“So if I just asked you, you would have said yes?”

“No. Are you nuts it would have just taken you longer to get me to say yes.”

“Thanks man you a true friend.” As I was leaving the kitchen I turned and said “Oh its your turn to do dishes. See you at 4:30.” And walked out.

Virtual or Reality Part 7

Since the brake up Thursdays are the worse day of the week. That was the day Kim and I would get together for lunch and plan are weekend and talk about the letters to the editor in the school paper. This was a big pastime for us we learned a lot about each other doing this. But I guess I did not learn enough about her.

We would go to the hub and get takeout, most of the time subway. This day was no different. I was sitting in the corner table like we would used to do looking at a sandwich that was made the way Kim liked it. I was hopping that maybe she would stop by and we could talk about it and work things out.

As I set there lost in my own dreamland, Velvet slid in the booth across from me. Taken half the sandwich she asked, “Since Kim is not coming can I have her half?” with out waiting for me to answer she took a bite.

“Oh why not. I hope you enjoy it.” I said with a disappointed look.

In between bites Velvet says, “Thank you its great. I am so hungry.”

“Do you want the other half?”

“No thank you. I am trying to watch my girlish figure. What are you doing this weekend with Kim going home, to get away from you.”

“Nothing I suppose, maybe some homework. What do you mean going home to get away from me?”

“Why don’t we go dancing? There is a new band down at Retrex Saturday.”

“I don’t know. Answer the question.”

“Great it’s a date then. Pick me up at 6. We can get something to eat at A&W” and with that she left, before it even registered what I had agreed to do.

As I set there, my head spinning from what Velvet said about Kim leaving to get away from me, Brain came up slid in across from me still looking back the way he came. “Did you agree to go out with Velvet Saturday night?” he asked still looking back where he just came from.

That question brought me back to the land of the living. “No! Why would you even ask me that?”

“Well as I was coming in Velvet was heading out with a big grin on her face. She stopped me to tell me that you and her was going out Saturday.”

“No!? I don’t know. Maybe I did, I don’t know. She said something about Kim going home to get away from me and I don’t remember anything after that. I could have agreed to do anything I don’t recall.”

“Well I think you better find out. That witch seems to think that the two of you are going out. Maybe now that she has you she will leave me alone.” He said with a grin. “Hay you going to eat that sandwich?”

“I was but I don’t think so now.”

“Great” He said with his mouth full. “Did you get the program done for tomorrow?”

“Yes. I got some help from that BB you showed me.”

“Talking about the BB, what you doing this afternoon? Lets go see who on, maybe Labrat will be on.” He says with a smile.

“Sounds good but I need to find out from Velvet what it is I agreed to do.”

Laughing Brian said, “Yes that would be a good thing. Think about it this way, if she asked you then make her pay.”

“I could never do that.”

“And why not, she is rich. The only good thing going for her.”

“She is not bad to look at if you ask me. Lets go check out the computer lab. I need to print out my program anyway.”

As we walked to the lab Brain asked with a smile on his face, “ya she beautiful. Is there another reason you want to check out the BB? Like maybe a girl.”

Not able to hide the smile on my face, I laughed. “Ok. So I made a friend or two on line.”

“And do you like her?”

“They are just friends. We don’t sink to the level you do. We are getting to know each other and its cool”

“So do you think you would want to meet in person?”

“Would you ever meet someone from on line?”

“It depends. The problem is I am nothing like what I tell people about me on line, except this dimple girl. She seems to be able to see through me.”

Laughing I say “Is she playing with your mind?”

“Sort of. She lets me get away with my lies but she made me come clean about me. I have told her things only you and I know about me. She has a way of getting me to open up and talk.”

“I think you may be working on the only honest relationship you have ever had.”

“Yes. And I don’t know what to do about it. She is back east someplace.”

As we walked up the stairs to the lab we had a few people stop and ask us if we had the program done. This problem seems to be giving a lot of people stress. As we walked in the lab Amber smiled and asked for any help we could give.

“Keith now you see what I have been telling you all along, you are the smartest kid in class.” Brian said elbowing me.

“No its just this program is a hard one. That’s all.”

“Ok then how come they ask you but not me. Everyone is happy to see you and it only takes a few seconds before they ask for help.”

“No. Lets just get on line.”

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After reading the posts and posting a few ideas to other peoples questions, I took some notes for a few ideas that might help out later.

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Slg7v -> hello * looking around * anyone here?

Labrat -> * smiling * hello slg7v how is day going?

Slg7v -> bad I think I just got asked out.

Labrat -> * laughing * I think you need to get you head look at. I thought you wanted to start dating

Slg7v -> * sighing * I do but this girl is a roommate of my old girlfriend.

Labrat -> FOCLMAF that is just to funny.

Slg7v -> FOCLMAF?

Labrat -> Fall Off Chair Laughing My Ass Off

Slg7v -> oh ok but its not funny.

Labrat -> what’s not funny about it. You could use her to get back in with the ex.

Slg7v -> no. she is a witch. I don’t even know if I have a date with her. I was off in my own little world when she asked me something and I said ya what ever. Before I know what was happening she left. Then my friend came in telling me that she told him we where going out Saturday.

Labrat -> oh that is even better. Your not just telling me some story to cheer me up?

Slg7v -> I wish I was. My friend thinks I should have her pay since she asked me out. What do you think.

Labrat -> you don’t seem like the type that would let a girl pay. But yes if she asked you she pays.

Slg7v -> thanks but I don’t think I could do that.

Labrat -> you want to dance?

Slg7v -> how did you know she wanted to go dancing. I think that’s what she said.

Labrat -> * laughing * no not you and her, you and me.

Slg7v -> what

Labrat -> look I can put a quarter in the jukebox and we can dance here.

Slg7v -> how

Labrat -> * drops quarter in jukebox picks song A10 turns as soft music starts to playing. *

Slg7v -> ok I see. * stands up and moves in and takes hand. *

Labrat -> that it. * puts left hand on your shoulder and takes your left hand in my right *

Slg7v -> what song is this? * starts moving to the music *

Labrat -> (I just ) died in your arms. I love this song. * moves in close to rest head on shoulder *

Slg7v -> this is different.

Labrat -> * puts right hand around your neck and sways to the music *

Slg7v -> * moves left hand and puts it around behind you on your back *

Labrat -> I like the smell of your cologne what is it.

Slg7v -> what

Labrat -> I am trying to develop a non-real reality. Smell, touch, and sound and sight are a big part of it. The more info that is put it the more real it gets. You ever play D&D?

Slg7v -> yes

Labrat -> its like that. The dungeon master gives you input and you use you imagination to make a picture in you mind. The more input the more real the picture is.

Slg7v -> ok can we try this again another time. I just don’t think I am ready for this.

Labrat -> for us or for this roll-playing thing.

Slg7v -> roll-playing thing. I think its like what my friend does.

Labrat -> it is like that but we will keep it clean. But that’s ok maybe next time. * moves to table and sits down *

Slg7v -> sorry this is just a little strange. Let me think about it like D&D and maybe next time. Hay you have never told me what clubs you where in high school.

Labrat -> will I was in the drama club. I had never had a lead part but did get a speaking part in West side Story and Grease.

Slg7v -> that’s cool. I did light and sound crew.

Labrat -> I hated them. They would give us wireless mikes and then listen in on us when we where back stage.

Slg7v -> * blushing * oh I never did that.

Labrat -> ya I bet. That’s ok sometimes when we would forget to give are mikes to the other people they would play it over the sound system and everyone would hear. That was the worst.

Slg7v -> yep we did that. The drama teacher told us to keep it playing that way maybe the person would learn to hand off the mike. This was great till one girl started talking about her date the night before and it got a little X rated.

Labrat -> that’s too funny. What shows did you do?

Slg7v -> Show boat South pacific and Wizard of OZ.

Labrat -> cool.

Slg7v -> well I need to run thanks for your input on my problem.

Labrat -> its ok that is what I am here for. * Hug *

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Virtual or Reality Part 6

My school schedule was hard. Trying to work part/full time and work in a full load of classes did not leave me a lot of time to play around on the computer. Monday Wednesday Friday was the worst. I had classes starting at 7:30 am for two hours with a hour break then back to back classes 10:30 11:30 12:30 and 1:30. Tuesday and Thursday was better, I only had 2 classes and it gave me time to get a lot of my homework done.

But homework was the last thing on my mind this Tuesday. I gave up trying and thought why not go check and see if any one had answered my post from the day before and see if what Brain had been saying was true, that you can get help on your homework.

I walked in to the lab and there was Amber sitting behind the desk. “Hello Amber. Have you been able to get a clue on the program for class?”

“No. I was hoping you had.”

“Well I hope to have one in the next few minutes.”

She had a puzzled look on her face. “And how are you going to do that?”

“Well Brain talked me in to going to this BB. I posted a question in a C++ room and I am hoping it helps.”

“Let me know what you get will ya?”

“OK” I said as I walked up to a computer and logged on. I was glad I wrote the address down. I could not think of it to save my life.

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I read through the posts and found some very interesting questions and some very different ways to solve the problem. Then I found the one I was looking for. It gave me an idea and a new way to look at the problem. This would help a lot with the program assignment.

With that done I could go off and do my homework or take a sec and see if Labrat was on. “What the hell.” I told myself, “I will only stay for a few minutes.”

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Slg7v -> hello

Labrat -> * Smiles * I was hoping you would come back

Slg7v -> I am glad you’re here.

Labrat -> * Blushes * you know how to make a girl feel good. Would you like a drink?

Slg7v -> Ok. I have been having a hard day. I need to get to my homework but just cant seem to focus.

Labrat -> you need to ** things so I know what you are doing and it lets me know what face expressions you have. What drink would you like?

Slg7v -> Sorry I will work on it. A coke would be nice.

Labrat -> * as I get two cokes * so tell me what is on your mind? I am a good listener. Hell I am the bar tender right now.

Slg7v -> * Smiles * you don’t want to know my problems.

Labrat -> * sets cokes down on bar * yes I do we are friends here and we try to help each other work through problems.

Slg7v -> * takes a drink * thanks well it’s a girl problem

Labrat -> girl problem is it that time of the month for you? * laughing *

Slg7v -> very funny I am guy.

Labrat -> * Big smile * I know I was just kidding. So what did you do wrong to make her mad?

Slg7v -> * rolling eyes * why does it have to be my fault?

Labrat -> well I have found that most of the time it is the mans fault, unless the girl is a spoiled brat. And if that’s the case you can do better.

Slg7v -> well we have been dating for a year and I forgot the anniversary of the first date. So now she will not even talk to me. It’s been over three weeks.

Labrat -> * shaking head * you forgot the one year anniversary. You shoud be taken out back and beating * just kidding *

Slg7v -> is it always this slow in the middle of the day.

Labrat -> * looking around * well yes but in about 45 min it will pick up for about an hour then dead again till tonight.

Slg7v -> its just last time I could not keep up. So I was hoping to be able to just talk to you then maybe add 1 or 2 people.

Labrat -> * smiling * you wanted to talk to me, are you flirting with me?

Slg7v -> you know you are taking what I say wrong

Labrat -> * frowning * you don’t like me? And you need to work on your **

Slg7v -> yes and no. I still like my girlfriend but like my friends tell me I should move on.

Labrat -> * laughing * you mean ex-girlfriend. And yes you should move on.

Slg7v -> * sighing * yes I should move on but its hard and I have not dated anyone but her for the past year.

Labrat -> * big smile * you could start with me.

Isme -> or me.

Labrat -> isme I did not see you come in how are you.

Isme -> you can get me a drink and take your time so I can have some one on one time with slg7v

Labrat -> * smiling * look at us we spend so much time online that we are now fighting over a guy we have never seen or know anything about.

Slg7v -> Thank you girls but I am still having problems with this online thing. My friend has a few people he talks to all the time. But I just don’t know.

Isme -> ok we will take it slow. Get to know each other first.

Labrat -> * running to get drink * ok isme here is your drink lets not push Slg7v. but it would be nice to know more about him.

Slg7v -> what would you like to know?

Labrat-> name age likes and dislikes

Isme -> what you look like what you like to do for fun and don’t lie we may end up meeting and that would not be good

Slg7v -> well I would never lie how can you build a friendship on lies.

Labrat -> well you would be surprised at how many people do lie.

Isme -> yes and like you said we are working on a friendship.

Slg7v -> now if I tell you, you have to tell me the same stuff.

Isme -> sort of like “I show you mine you show me yours” * Big smile *

Labrat -> isme boy are you on one

Isme -> well that is how it sounded to me

Slg7v -> well ok I am almost a junior in collage. I started a little late and I have to work full time so its taking me a little longer to do school. I am 23. My name is Keith.

Labrat -> I understand taking more time to do school. I only take 2 classes a quarter just enough to keep my lab job. I am 20. My name is Penny.

Isme -> yes and my name is Jessica and I am 21. Now what do you look like

Labrat -> slg7v she will not be happy till you tell her.

Slg7v -> well I have short brown hair with blue eyes. I am 5’ 9” and I am about 168 lbs. I like most sports and if I had time I would go to the gym but I do keep myself in shape.

Isme -> that’s what I wanted to know. That way I can put a picture to the name. * smile *

Labrat -> well isme now we can talk about other stuff and get to know each other better. So slg7v what clubs where you in in high school?

Slg7v -> wait what do you two look like.

Isme -> * laughing * see labrat he wants to know also. Well I have black hair this week and blue eyes. I am 5’ 6” and I top the scale at 114.

Labrat -> * sighing * well that leaves me. Well I am 5’ 7” and I am weighing 125. now can we get to the more interesting info about us.

Isme -> * winking at slg7v * maybe slg7v wants to keep talking about looks.

Slg7v -> do the two of you fight all the time?

Labrat -> yes and no. isme is like your friend, she is looking for sex on line all the time and she thinks she can get you. * sticks tongue out at isme *

Isme -> not all the time. But I have been in a slump this past few weeks

Labrat -> well slg7v and I was talking about his problem with his girl friend.

Isme -> you have a girl friend

Slg7v -> had. She dumped me.

Labrat -> for not remembering their one-year anniversary.

Isme -> let me guess she wont talk to you and you cant get over her and get on with your life?

Slg7v -> ya well I have not been out with anyone else for a year now and I am finding it hard that she would dump me over not remembering a date.

Isme -> well if you ask me if she is that shallow I would walk away and not look back. I would not dump you over that. * smiling at slg7v *

Labrat -> isme slg7v is not in to online sex he is wanting the real thing.

Isme -> like you can give it to him. he is where and you are? Say slg7v where are you?

Slg7v -> well I am in Logan Utah at USU.

Labrat -> ok 2500 miles is a bit far. I am in NH.

Isme -> I have a better chance I am in AZ.

Labrat -> yes but I just don’t think you are his type. He has only dated one girl for over a year. Two weeks is a long term relationship for you.

Isme -> that hurts. Lets ask him.

Slg7v -> well I don’t know either of you very well and its hard to get to know someone like this.

Isme -> I know what we can do. Lets have some one on one time and get to know each other and then you can choose.

Labrat -> why cant he just be both are friends. I think that is all he is looking for anyway.

Isme -> ok ok ok slg7v are you looking for a relationship or just friends or online sex?

Slg7v -> * smiling * well I don’t know. I only got on this thing because my friend talked me in to it. Right now I would say friends but I have heard that people do hook up after meeting online.

Labrat -> hay isme don’t you have a class to get to.

Isme -> * looking at clock * oh shit yes ok slg7v you will give me a chance to be your friend.

Slg7v -> oh yes I think friends would be great.

Isme -> * downs drink * take care friends * Kisses slg7v and runs off *

Labrat -> so tell me what is it you are looking for in a girl

Slg7v -> can we talk about other stuff like where are you from?

Labrat -> * smiling * ok I was hoping you where more normal than a lot of people on line.

Slg7v -> what do you mean

Labrat -> well most people that come in to this room are looking for sex or someone to hookup with in real life for a night of wild sex.

Slg7v -> well I was hoping to just get some help with my school work and maybe meet some friends, as my friend Brain says loosen up.

Labrat -> he thinks you are uptight?

Slg7v -> oh ya. Very uptight.

Labrat -> well I hope I can help you with that. * smiling * anyway I am from Waren PA. It’s a small farm community where the Amish live. And you?

Slg7v -> well I am from Smithfield UT, a little town just north of the university that I am going to now.

Labrat -> * shaking my head * so you stayed close to home.

Slg7v -> ya when you have to pay for school you cant afford any place else.

Labrat -> I understand. I am going to the school my parents went to because its almost free because of the fact that my parents went there. So if money was not an issue where would like to go to school?

Slg7v -> I don’t know I have never gave it any thought. How about you?

Labrat -> well I would have like to go out west somewhere. I have never been out west and I think it sounds neat.

Slg7v -> I have been to Boston one time. I took a field trip for a class and we went all over the town looking at history sites.

Labrat -> what type of family did you come from?

Slg7v -> * rolling eyes * what do mean?

Labrat -> you are doing good with the **.

Slg7v -> thanks

Labrat -> well any siblings. You the oldest or youngest. Both parents? Stuff like that.

Slg7v -> I am the oldest of four. One sister a half brother and half sister.

Labrat -> so you have a step…..?

Slg7v -> father. Well sort of. My sister and I were adopted.

Labrat -> that’s cool. Do you get along with your step dad?

Slg7v -> yes very well. He is the only father I have ever known. He married my mom when I was in 3rd grade and I was adopted in the 6th grade.

Labrat -> what happened to your real dad? If you don’t want to answer any question I understand. I just like to get to know people and see what makes them tick and what went in to making them what they are like.

Slg7v -> its ok. I really don’t know he left my mom when I was two and that’s that.

Labrat -> well you seem to be ok with it. Have you ever thought about finding your real dad.

Slg7v -> well my dad lives with my mom. But yes I had thought about it but I would have no clue where to start.

Labrat -> what clubs did you do in high school.

Slg7v -> you know you have not told me a thing about you yet.

Labrat -> yes I have I am from PA.

Slg7v -> * rolling eyes * ya well how about your family.

Labrat -> if I tell you the truth you have to promises not to tell anyone else on line.

Slg7v -> ok this does not sound good.

Labrat -> well everyone online seems to be so normal, so I pretend to be normal too. But my parents died in my last year of high school and they left me a trust but to get it I have to go to school here in NH. Please don’t tell anyone they think my parents are still alive. I told you the truth because you seem different from the rest of the people I meet on line.

Slg7v -> sorry about your parents. Its not that bad not to have parents.

Labrat -> your right. But a lot of people treat me different in real life as well as on line when they find out so I just don’t tell them.

Slg7v -> ok your secret is safe with me. So I take it you are an only child.

Labrat -> my parents could not have kids and I was there miracle baby.

Slg7v -> well that makes you special.

Labrat -> * blushing * thank you

Slg7v -> well I should get to my homework but I like talking with you. Maybe we can talk again soon.

Labrat -> well I am on line all the time. If not at work at my dorm room. At any given time I would only be off for 30 min. have a good night * Hug *

Slg7v -> * Hug back * thank you

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Virtual or Reality Part 5

“Brain I just spent 30 minutes. I can now see how you can lose track of time.”

“And did you like it?” he asked

“Yes. I still don’t think I should be playing on this.”

“Look you are not hurting anyone. So did you meet someone?”

“Sort of. They want me to visit again soon. You will have to help me do a profile and read others. But I need to run.”

“Oh you want to see if you came get Kim to talk to you?”

He was right, sort of. I did need to get ready for work but I was hoping to run in to Kim as she road the bus back to her room. I walked down the stairs telling myself that what I had just done was not cheating. I did not go out with anyone. I just talked, well typed, with a person. It did feel different and a little wrong. I was not looking for any one and I did talk to girls all the time and that was fine why did I feel this was different?

On my way to the bus stop I walked past the Hub. This is a place that sells food and has an outside patio for students to sit out and enjoy the afternoon sun and company. It was also the location of the True Aggie dance. This was a USU tradition. In order to be a “true aggie” a couple had to kiss on the “A” under a full moon at midnight. The “A” was a big cement stand in the shape of an “A”. Kim and I had done this. This was the first school dance we went to together. She wanted to go in matching shirts. So we spent the day going from store to store in the mall looking at shirts. I still had mine.

At the bus stop I did not see her. Well that was ok there was still time before the bus came. As I waited I set and went over in my mind the night of the big fight. She had a told me to get that day off work. She made the same meal we had on the first night and she even had a gift. I felt so stupid there having no clue what was so important about the date. She got mad and that was when she said to get out and she called me an insensitive ass hole. That hurt.

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Virtual or Reality Part 4

“Hay Keith we are at the library. Stop day dreaming and let’s go up.”

The library had the best computer lab on campus. For one thing it had all the software you could ever need for any class on campus also it was on the top floor and you had to walk around the maze of bookshelves to get to it, big pain in the backside, so it never had that many people so you could always get a computer with out waiting.

There was two way to get to the forth floor, one the elevator that you could beat just walking up the stairs, and the stairs. We chose the stairs so we could check out who was in the study rooms and maybe stop in for some help, if I had my way. Just my luck no one was there.

The computer lab was all but empty. With the great weather going on outside most people stayed outside.

As we walked in Brain elbowed me. ”Look who is working. You don’t have a girlfriend now so make her day and ask her out. She has wanted to go out with you for a long time.”

“And how do you know that?”

“Are you blind as well as stupid? She always smiles at you and invites you to study with her.”

“Did it ever cross your mind that maybe she just needs help with her computer class?”

“Right.” Brain said rolling his eyes.

The lab worker was Amber. She had light brown mid back length hair with blue eyes. The dimples that formed at the corner of her mouth when she smiled accented her round face. She was also in our computer class.

“Hello Keith. You have the program done for class yet?” Amber asked with a worm smile.

“No. We just got it today.” I said.

“I know, it’s just you always seem to have it done and I was hoping maybe you could help me. Mac of PC?”

“PC please.”

She scanned our ID cards. She had the best job on campus. All she had to do was answer questions that people in the lab had about the computers and scan ID cards. For the most part she could sit there and study and get paid.

We set down at a computer and we both checked our email on the Vax account the school gave us. From there Brain went and logged on to the BB.

“At the prompt type ‘telnet whip.isca.bb.ohio.edu’ and wait for the login screen.” Brain said with out looking up from the monitor.

I typed it in and waited. “OK, now what?”

“To set up your account, type ‘new user’ as the user name and hit enter. And just follow along.”

Brain’s computer beeped.

“What was that?” I asked.

“Oh that was Dimple sending me a private message.”

“Dimple is the…..”

“You know. The girl I have been talking with for about two weeks now.”

“Oh. The one you have been lying to for the past two weeks?”

“Sort of. I tell her something about me and she seems to see through it and forces me to tell the truth. Its like she knows me.”

Well for the next half an hour I spent entering in information about me with the understanding that no one will see it except the people that run the BB.

“Ok I’m in. Now what.” I ask.

“ Well from the curser I can tell you are in the lobby. What you want to do is jump to a room and read the posts.”

“And how do I know what room I want to jump too?”

“Well from the lobby you hit ‘ctrl k’ and it will give you a list of rooms with the name and number. When you find a room you want to go to hit ‘ctrl j’ at the prompt type the name or number and hit enter. That will put you in the room. It will tell you how many unread messages are there. To read them hit ‘ctrl r’. To post a message in the room hit ‘ctrl p’ and follow the prompts. You may not want to read all the new messages the first time you go in to a room, this is true if the room is moving fast. So when you enter the room hit ‘ctrl j’ and reenter the room and then you can read just the ones that have just been posted. Try it out. If you have a question just ask.


A list of rooms comes up. I found over 250 rooms. For the most part I am looking for rooms that will help me with my homework. C++ room #125 Chem room #156

“Go to room 220.” Brain says with out looking away from his screen.

“And what room is that?”


“Very funny. I need to get my class work done.’

“You said you would check out the fun rooms.”

“I know but I need to…”

“Get my home work done first and I don’t want to have fun.” Brain said mimicking me.

“OK OK OK I will look in to it after I post a message to get some help on the program we got today in class.”

Ctrl j   125’

            C++ there are 150 new messages.

‘Ctrl j ‘125’

            C++ there are 0 new messages.

Ctrl p’

I post a question that might get me the help I need to do the program. “So how fast can I expect a reply to my post?”

“Depends on the room. You may get one in an hour or two days.” Brain says, as his fingers fly over the keyboard not missing a key.

I start looking around at the different room. They had rooms on any topic I found asci art to be a cool room. Asci art is a picture made out of letters and symbols, the rose I found was cool.

“So are you going to check out the fast moving fun rooms or what?”

“I don’t know.”

“Oh come on live a little will ya.”

“OK but I don’t want some free for all sex thing. I just want to talk to people.”

“No problem, I have the room for you. 220”

Ctrl j 220

            Flirting there are 150 new messages.

            ‘Ctrl j 220’

            Flirting there are 0 new messages.

Slg7v -> Hello

Labrat -> * Looking up from paper * Hello I did not see you come in.

Slg7v -> how would you see me?

Labrat -> * rolling eyes * oh you are new to this.

Slg7v -> Yes my friend talked me in to this.

Labrat -> Its ok I will help you out. I cant see what you are doing so when you want to show a face expression you put it between ** like I did * rolling eyes *

Slg7v -> ok

Isme -> * walks in to room and falls in to a chair * hello room, boy do I need a drink.

Labrat -> isme a drink at this time of day? You must have had a bad class.

Isme -> Labrat you know me any time is a good time for a drink how about rum and coke?

Labrat -> * smiling * ok coming right up oh Isme say hello to Slg7v a new person to the room.

Isme -> * standing and putting out a hand to shake * hello Slg7v sit and tell me about your self.

Labrat ->   * Getting drinks * want one Slg7v?

Slg7v -> what a drink?

Labrat -> we like to play that this is a bar and we are friends just getting together. You do that right?

Isme -> * shakes Slg7v’s hand * so is this your first time.


I tell Brain ”I can’t keep up with this. Help me with this will you.”

Brain laughs. “Just ask them to slow it down.”


Labrat -> Slg7v you still there?

Slg7v -> yes its just I have never done this before I am having problems keeping up.

Isme -> that’s ok it comes with time. But you have to work on ** what you are doing that way it can seem more real.

Labrat -> Isme don’t push him to fast. Slg7v you are a he right?

Slg7v -> Yes.

Isme -> So tell us more about you.

Labrat -> tell us where you are anything that will help us get a idea of what you look like. Don’t lie ok. A lot of people do and it takes the fun out of it.

Slg7v -> well I am going to school at Utah State University. I am guy and I have brown hair blue eyes and I am studding computers. And you?

Isme -> if you would like to know more about us or anyone ‘finger’ than. You can finger me anytime.

Labrat -> Fingering is a way to look at the profiles that you make to tell people about your self. You did not have one so we asked you. You can check out the profiles by hitting ‘Ctrl F’ and then type the name of the user you want to finger.

Slg7v -> Ok but I need to run. Maybe I will run in to you again soon.

Isme -> Ok but you have to come back.

Labrat -> Yes you need to visit us again.

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Virtual or Reality Part 3

“I know that. I was talking about Kim.”

“Oh come on man. You need to put her out of your mind. She won’t talk to you. She has told her roommates to tell you to drop dead when you call. It’s over man. Give it up.”

He was right. I needed to move on. The hard part is I can remember every detail of the “First Date” except the stupid date it happened on.

The build up for the date started a few weeks before the big day happened. The dorm I was staying in at the time was trying to raise money to get new equipment for the day room. I had nothing to give so I said I would help someone pick out a new computer set it up and give 6 hours of one on one help with the software on it. The day of the auction I had to stand on stage as the bidding happened. Kim’s roommate, Velvet, won my services.

During Velvet’s six hours of one on one help Kim was there looking over my shoulder. I didn’t mind. Then a week before the big day I came home from work to find my pillow missing and a note left in its place. It said “If you want to see your pillow again you will need to bring your roommate and your self to third dam next Saturday. Plan on hiking and spending the day.” I yelled at roommate for letting someone in our room. He had no clue as to who it was and he was mad because his pillow was gone too.

Saturday came and the day was looking great for a hike. Brain and I had got to the park at the dam a few minutes early. We were sitting on a bench watching the cars pull in trying to pick out who might have stolen our pillows. Then from behind us we heard our names. We wiped around to see Kim and Velvet standing there.

Kim looked like a doll standing there. Her light dusty blond hair in a pony tail pulled through a ‘Old Navy’ ball cap hung half way down her back. She had on a light green Utah State University sweet shirt that made her dark green eyes stand out. The size six ‘Old Navy’ faded blue jeans fit her very well accenting the length of her legs making her look taller than the five eight that she stood. The whole outfit finished off with ‘High Lander’ boots that just covered her ankle. She had a notebook in one hand and my pillow in the other.

Velvet smiled when she saw Brain sitting there. She had on a new outfit that she had got just for this event. She sported a dark Blue sweeter that fit a little tight, with the painted on jeans, the outfit showing off all her curves.

The hike would cover some homework for one of Kim’s classes. The teacher had given a hand out pointing out different things to see on the trail. The hike should have been about an hour, but took us three. We spent a lot of time just talking and learning about each other. I had found out that Kim had been a volleyball player in high school and hoped to make the team here at USU. The hike would have taken longer but Brain, who was not having fun, kept us moving.

After the hike we went back to Kim and Velvet’s dorm room for dinner. Brain found an excuse to leave and took off right after the meal. I looked around and Velvet was gone. I found out later Kim had given her the get lost look and she split. We spent the next few hours talking.

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